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About Inovent

Virtually every organization with whom Inovent Applications, and Nir Ben Lavi specifically, has worked since 1999 suffers from the following disease: being chained to traditional management and problem solving methods as well as to popular management and innovation techniques, despite the fact that these are - in many cases - not proven to be effective. The results of this phenomenon are problems poorly solved, lower than expected performance improvements, difficulties in creating and maintaining strategic advantages in the marketplace, and chronic "fire-fighting" instead of meeting organizational objectives.

Once the obstacles that hinder the organization's innovation abilities are removed, profound and long-lasting performance improvements are generated as a solution to the above-mentioned problems as well as to other challenging issues.

Inovent, an Israel based company, is a leader in the Opponent Analysis and Innovation arenas. Indeed, Inovent is both the name of our company and the essence of the method we use for enhancing innovation within organizations. Inovent assists its customers in identifying and exploiting their most significant strengths and then provides well-configured solutions to their most critical challenges. Inovent methodology has proven itself by capitalizing upon highly effective, market-proven solutions, thus generating considerable financial gains for our customers.

Inovent has extensive experience amongst various and sundry industries as well as public institutions. In our quest for excellence, we constantly upgrade our abilities via extensive in-house research and development thus creating cutting-edge methodologies and a new generation of Profiling and Innovation applications. Our applications render the finest possible technologies, methodologies and capabilities of Inventive Thinking and inspire our customers to generate original ideas, increase profits in existing markets, penetrate new markets and deliver products and
services in a fast, highly effective manner.
Inovent's team consists of professionals from all major business realms. These professionals bear more than a hundred years of accumulated successful experience in Predictive Profiling, innovation, marketing, information technologies, business development, finance, organizational change and senior level management. The solutions Inovent provides are themselves the real value proposition for our customers; here are three stellar benefits we offer:

The solutions Inovent provides are themselves the real value proposition for our customers.
Here are three stellar benefits we offer:
  • Inovent renders and maintains Predictive Profiling, innovation and solution-creating projects. In all such projects we clearly define project goals. These goals specify the desired outcomes and elaborate upon the project's scope, including cost and time-estimates until completion.
  • Inovent conducts seminars and train the trainer courses which equip organizations with solution configuration methodologies and thus enable our customers to execute in-house innovation processes independently.
  • The Inovent team continuously develops and refines the methodology of Profiling and innovation; Inovent experts are heavily involved in academic research and in teaching the Inovent methodologies in various institutes in the education as well as the academic systems of Israel.
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