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About Nir Ben Lavi

Nir Ben Lavi has over 18 years of experience in the fields of Predictive Profiling, Decision Making in the Arab World and Innovation. Under his leadership, Inovent Applications has become the sole solution provider in these fields, approved by the Israel Ministries of Defense, Internal Security and Tourism, in addition to leading multinational and Israeli companies in a variety of sectors.

Nir's extensive knowledge in human behavior and organizational systems positions him as a leading authority on using Profiling in business and other related fields. His groundbreaking lectures challenge traditional ideation techniques by providing a systematic, empirically-proven method of analyzing the behavior of both individuals and entire market segments, offering the ability to configure out-of-the-box solutions to complicated business, marketing, negotiations and sales challenges. Nir is the inventor of the IDR® Software - a mediation process support software, and of the Decision MaCare™  - a decision support system for pharma-economic decisions. Recognized nationally as a profiling expert, Nir is one of the most sought after trainers in Israel, having presented customized keynotes and seminars to audiences of thousands of professionals.

Nir has provided consultation and intervention services to organizations in both the private and public sector. He has trained thousands of people in Predictive Profiling, in Negotiations with the Arab World and in Systematic Innovation methods. He serves as Head of the Decision Making Project, co-authored the book "Inventive Thinking Applied in Mediation Processes - A Practical Guide", regularly contributes articles to the professional business press and serves as Editor-in-Chief of the MeDecision Journal - a multidisciplinary journal devoted to the improvement of decision making in the Israeli Health Sector.

Nir earned his Master's Degree in Business Administration at Tel Aviv University's Leon Recanati School of Management, and is currently conducting an in-depth research project in the fields of Predictive Profiling, Decision Making in International Negotiations and the Culture of Negotiations in the Arab World.

More information about Nir's keynotes and seminars is available on this site.
Nir can be contacted directly at: nir@nirbenlavi.com

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